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Most everyone is familiar with cuts, which are separations of the skin or other connective tissue elements, usually caused by a sharp object. A laceration refers to a cut that leaves an irregular or jagged wound. Often, these injuries can be attended to at home with first aid. However, there are many people who need to visit the emergency room to get stitches, sutures, and other medical care for serious cuts and lacerations.

If you suffered a severe wound that needed medical treatment, and someone else caused the accident and injury, you should discuss a possible case with the Boca Raton cut and laceration lawyers at Demand the Limits, Personal Injury Attorneys.

Common Causes of Serious Cuts and Lacerations

Irregularly-shaped wounds to the flesh are especially prevalent in vehicle accidents when debris such as glass, metal, plastic, and other objects tend to fly around, causing blunt force impact to the skin. Yet, cuts and lacerations are commonplace in accidents of all kinds:

Lacerations are More than Skin Deep

These wounds range in severity. Some require cleaning by a medical professional and glue or sutures to close up the wound. Even with immediate treatment, lacerations can leave lasting scars and disfigurement. In some serious cases, clients have undergone plastic surgery and treatment to address nerve and ligament damage caused by lacerations.

Even minor lacerations can lead to secondary infections when bacteria grow within the damaged skin of a wound. Seemingly insignificant cuts and lacerations to the head can be life-threatening, as well. For these reasons, we urge you to seek medical attention as soon as practical.

The recovery process can result in medical bills, lost wages, and other intangible consequences. While some cuts and lacerations can be superficial, others can be deep and have a lasting impact on your life.

Your Rights after an Injury

If you were cut and no one else was to blame, you likely will be responsible for the costs of any medical treatment you need. There are many situations, however, in which someone else might be liable for your medical bills and other losses:

  • If the injury stemmed from a vehicle accident, you can seek benefits from your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, no matter who was at fault
  • If the injury happened at work, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits to cover your losses
  • If your accident happened because another person or company was negligent, you can hold that party liable for your losses by filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Consult with Experienced Boca Raton Cut and Laceration Lawyers

No matter the source or nature of your injury, you can rely on Demand the Limits, Personal Injury Attorneys to evaluate your rights and options for possible compensation. For a free case evaluation and consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call 561-600-3555 today.

    Practice Areas


    Medical Malpractice
    Recovery for a client who suffered brain injuries due to a fall.


    Negligencia Médica
    Recuperación para un cliente que sufrió lesiones cerebrales.


    Trucking Accident
    Recovery for a client who was injured while driving an 18-wheeler truck.


    Accidente de Camión
    Recuperación de un cliente lesionado mientras conducía un camión.


    Auto Accident
    Recovery for client injured in a car crash. Pre-litigation offer: $60k.


    Accidente de Auto
    Recuperación para el cliente herido en un accidente automovilístico.