Steven Jones

Steven Jones, Esq.

Meet Steven Jones, a seasoned attorney with a deep commitment to championing the rights of injured individuals and securing the compensation they rightfully deserve. As a dedicated legal professional at Demand The Limits PLLC, Steven brings over a decade of invaluable experience, particularly in first-party property law and personal injury cases where he has adeptly represented the defense.

Born in Germany, Steven’s journey led him to the United States, where he pursued his undergraduate degree in Political Science at Valdosta State University in Georgia. While initially not anticipating a career in law, his passion for justice and advocacy ultimately guided him to pursue a law degree at the University of Miami in Florida, where he currently resides.

Steven’s unwavering motivation stems from his advocacy for clients, finding fulfillment in taking on formidable insurance companies to ensure that each client receives the compensation they are entitled to.

His comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape, coupled with his commitment to personal injury cases, distinguishes him as a reliable and compassionate legal ally. If you find yourself in need of a dedicated personal injury lawyer, Steven is here for you. Reach out to him at [email protected] to schedule a complimentary consultation.

    Practice Areas


    Medical Malpractice
    Recovery for a client who suffered brain injuries due to a fall.


    Trucking Accident
    Recovery for a client who was injured while driving an 18-wheeler truck.


    Auto Accident
    Recovery for client injured in a car crash. Pre-litigation offer: $60k.


    Motorcycle Accident
    Recovery for our client who was injured in a motorcycle crash.


    Negligent Security
    Injured by security company’s failed gated community entrance.


    Motorcycle Accident
    Recovery for our client who was injured in a motorcycle crash.