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Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries. Because trucks are heavier and larger than passenger vehicles, they generate more force in a collision. This, in turn, leads to more serious injuries. Truck accident victims need to protect their right to be compensated for injuries and losses. At Demand the Limits, our experienced personal injury lawyers have years of experience defending the rights of Boca Raton truck accident victims. Call (561) 600-3555 to schedule a free consultation.

Types of Trucks

There are many types of trucks that can cause a motor vehicle accident. Commercial cargo trucks, moving trucks, semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, garbage trucks, construction vehicles, tractor-trailers, and tanker trucks all pose serious risks to other road users. The larger and heavier a truck is, the more force it generates in a collision. This increases the severity of injuries that a victim will sustain.

In America, there are many different types of commercial trucks that each have their own purpose. Below we have mentioned a few of the different trucks that are commonly involved in trucking accidents.

Tractor Trailers

Interestingly, tractor-trailers are also known as 18 wheelers, big rigs, and semi-trailers. These trucks are commonly involved in trucking accidents on highways. They have numerous blind spots and a much higher sense of gravity than other smaller trucks. This higher sense of gravity makes them more likely to roll during an accident with another truck or car.

Garbage Trucks

Usually, garbage trucks are responsible for many trucking accidents in residential areas because they frequently drive through them. Garbage trucks are also known as dump trucks. They can be incredibly dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists who walk or cycle too close to them. They have blind spots, making it difficult for garbage truck drivers to see those close to the truck.

Additionally, they also carry waste, gravel, sand, dirt, various dry materials, and demolition debris. This disposable waste and materials cause the trucks to be top-heavy, which causes them to tip easier. Moreover, their cargo also has a higher likelihood of falling out of the truck and onto other vehicles and people, which causes accidents.

Tanker Trucks

It might seem difficult to believe, but approximately 4 percent of all large trucks involved in fatal collisions in the US carry hazardous cargo. Tanker trucks are a part of this statistic. Most tanker trucks in the US haul gases and liquids that are flammable and dangerous.

Due to their large size and shape, they are more likely to be involved in a roll-over accident. When this happens, catastrophic events could transpire if the liquid or gasses escape the tanker. Those involved in tanker accidents have been left with severe injuries in the past.

Mail Delivery Trucks

It may come as a shock, but even mail delivery trucks are a part of trucking accident statistics. These trucks are usually involved in accidents in residential areas and commercial business areas where delivery of mail most often occurs. In most instances, mail delivery trucks are involved in accidents because distracted drivers look at where they need to deliver next while searching for the delivery location.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Like other drivers, truck drivers are more likely to cause an accident if they are distracted, impaired, or speeding. But there are other risks that truck drivers must be prepared to handle on the road – for example, many truck drivers try to squeeze in as many miles as possible and end up driving when they are too tired to do so safely. Poor driver training can also increase the likelihood of having an accident, as can improper maintenance of a truck and its equipment. It is also easier to lose control of a large, heavy vehicle, so truck drivers must be trained on how to maintain control and prevent tipping or sliding. Failure to take reasonable precautions to avoid foreseeable truck problems is negligence, and victims who are injured for these reasons are entitled to compensation.

Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zones are a common location for accidents to occur. Changes in traffic patterns, trucks entering and leaving the work zone, and other chaotic changes can make it difficult for drivers to know where to go. If the driver is speeding, it is even more likely that he or she will be unable to avoid a collision in a work zone. Drivers who negligently fail to adhere to the road rules of work zones (such as reduced speeds) and truck drivers who dangerously enter and exit lanes of traffic can be held accountable for the injuries they cause.

Holding Transportation Companies Liable

Employers are generally liable for any negligence their employees commit while on the job. Some employers try to get around this by designating their employees as “independent contractors,” but this does not always work. And vehicle owners are also liable for negligence committed by those who had permission to drive their vehicles. All of these rules mean that transportation companies are almost always legally responsible (“liable”) for injuries caused by their negligent truck drivers.

Liability for Manufacturers of Defective Trucks

The United States imposes rules of “strict liability” upon companies that manufacture consumer goods. This means that any company that sells a defective product is liable for all injuries caused by that product – regardless of whether the manufacturer was negligent. In truck accident cases, this rule means that injury victims can sue companies that manufacture defective trucks (or defective systems, such as faulty brakes that do not stop the truck). You must be sure that your truck accident lawyer is experienced with these issues of third party liability, and can properly identify any potential defendant who has a legal obligation to compensate you for your injuries.

Regulation of the Trucking Industry

Commercial drivers in the United States are highly regulated by both the federal Department of Transportation and state laws. Truck drivers must earn and maintain an active commercial driver’s license in good standing. They are subject to federal rules that limit the number of hours a trucker may drive before resting, and how long those rest periods must be. The DOT recently enacted rules that now require all trucks in the United States to be fitted with electronic logs of rest and hours, in order to prevent tampering and ensure the rest requirements are observed.

In a personal injury lawsuit, evidence that these rules were violated is strong proof of negligence. If, for example, the truck driver was driving on a suspended commercial driver’s license, or the transportation company knew its drivers were violating hours of service requirement, it would be more likely that a jury would find the truck driver negligent. It is important to work with a truck accident attorney who understands these regulations and knows how to prove violations in order to establish the defendants’ negligence.

The Common Injuries People Sustain In A Trucking Accident

Every year, it is estimated that 120,000 people suffer injuries in trucking accidents. In most truck accidents, victims suffer severe or catastrophic injuries due to the size and weight of commercial trucks.

If a truck crash does not kill the occupants of the vehicles, it often leaves them with multiple injuries that could take them years to recover. Others are left with lifelong injuries. Below we have detailed a brief summary of the most common truck accident injuries.

  • Various head injuries: In a trucking accident, head injuries are common. Often drivers and passengers will suffer from traumatic brain injuries, internal brain bleeds, and fractured skulls. Unfortunately, head injuries are usually one of the most severe injuries you can sustain in a truck accident. This is because they usually leave those affected with loss of motor and cognitive functions.
  • Internal injuries: Trucking accidents frequently result in victims suffering from blunt force trauma. This type of trauma causes serious internal injuries like internal bleeding and bruising to the spleen, bladder, lungs, and kidneys.
  • Neck and back injuries: With neck and back injuries, the severity can vary greatly. Some neck and back injuries are minor such as whiplash, bruising, and pulled muscles. On the other hand, many trucking victims have suffered severe neck and back injuries like dislocations and slipped discs.
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis: Many people suffer from various spinal cord injuries that often lead to paralysis due to how much more catastrophic trucking accidents can be. In some instances, the extent of a spinal cord injury isn’t always immediately apparent, which is why victims need to always seek medical attention.

Lacerations and broken bones: With trucking accidents, lacerations and broken bone injuries tend to be more severe. Sometimes survivors can suffer from massive scaring and broken bones that never heal correctly.

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