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Attorney Alan Siegel weighs in on DeSantis lawsuit

Lawyers for Civil Rights and Alianza Americas held a press conference Wednesday after the organizations filed a lawsuit on September 20 accusing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the State of Florida of deliberately tricking a group of nearly 50 people to board a plane from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard.

Boca Raton-based attorney Alan Siegel says lawsuits against states or public officials like the governor typically don’t pan out, but he said the suit is strong in one area.

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Grandmother’s car becomes collateral damage in Riviera Beach police chase. But who pays?

A local grandmother is without a car and possibly on the hook to pay thousands of dollars after police say some juvenile suspects rammed into her car.

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Motorcyclists’ family wants answers after death connected to police chase

A Wellington man’s family is searching for answers after a fatal car accident, involving a police cruiser, took the life of Robert “Chino” Perone, 47, on August 10, 2019.

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Motorcyclist dies after police chase teens in stolen car

A motorcyclist has died after colliding with an officer in the aftermath of a police chase involving two teens who stole a car from Boca Raton, authorities say.

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Motorcyclist struck, killed in collision with Broward police vehicle involved in car chase

An unnamed motorcyclist early Saturday was struck and killed on Interstate 95 by a City of Lauderhill police cruiser, driven by officers who earlier had been pursuing a stolen car from Broward County in Palm Beach County, according to a spokesman from the Florida Highway Patrol.

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Only on CBS 12: A survivor of an Amtrak crash describes the mayhem

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS 12) — Walking away from a deadly train crash. A local man is recovering, but he has some serious injuries and frightening memories. He was on an Amtrak train , the one that collided with a freight train in South Carolina 6 days ago. He’s telling his story, his tale of survival, only on CBS 12.

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Car insurance laws eyed in new legislative session

BOCA RATON, Fla. (CBS 12) — Your car. Your money. Your protection in an accident. Right now the cost of auto insurance in our state is the 5th highest in the country. And there could be some big changes ahead that would affect all of us on the road. The first question for many is, will costs go up?

    Practice Areas


    Medical Malpractice
    Recovery for a client who suffered brain injuries due to a fall.


    Trucking Accident
    Recovery for a client who was injured while driving an 18-wheeler truck.


    Auto Accident
    Recovery for client injured in a car crash. Pre-litigation offer: $60k.


    Motorcycle Accident
    Recovery for our client who was injured in a motorcycle crash.


    Negligent Security
    Injured by security company’s failed gated community entrance.


    Motorcycle Accident
    Recovery for our client who was injured in a motorcycle crash.