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Every resident of Boca Raton – and South Florida – knows the concerns and possible costs associated with hurricane season. From about June 1 to November 30, people in the area are on high alert regarding strong tropical storms and powerful hurricanes that might be on their way or sweeping through. The 2020 hurricane season is predicted to be particularly concerning, with a forecasted 16 named storms, eight storms reaching hurricane level, and four major hurricanes making landfall.

At Demand the Limits law firm, we’ve seen the devastating damage that comes with tropical storms and hurricanes. Not only is the cleanup process challenging, but so is the insurance claims process for many people. You can improve your chances of financial recovery with the help of a hurricane claims attorney in Boca Raton. Contact our office today.

Insurance Claims from Hurricane Damage

After a hurricane, the damage to your home, business, vehicles, and more can be overwhelming. As you assess the damage, you might have no idea how you will recover. However, remember that you have insurance policies in place that are intended to help in this exact situation.

Unfortunately, most people cannot simply file one insurance claim, receive a check, and move forward. The process is more challenging than that in the majority of situations. First, there are different types of insurance coverage that apply to different types of hurricane damage. Our attorneys can help with the following claims, among others.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides benefits to cover many types – but not all – of damage to your home from events like hurricanes. Homeowners insurance covers damage such as:

  • Wind damage – Hurricanes come with powerful winds that can damage roofs, windows, and other parts of your home in an instant.
  • Some water damage – Rain can come into your home through leaks in the roof, walls, or windows and damage both the exterior and interior of your home.

Flood Insurance

Your regular homeowners policy will not cover flood damage, which is water damage that comes from the ground up. This is different from rain and water that seeps in from the roof and damages your home in that manner. Every Boca Raton property owner should have a FEMA flood policy in place, and you will need to make a claim with this policy if your home sustains damage from flooding.

Vehicle Insurance

Hurricanes often damage vehicles, including cars, campers, boats, and more. If your vehicle sustained damage, you need to file a claim with your auto insurance policy that covers that particular vehicle.

Business Insurance

Commercial properties can sustain serious damage, as well, which can cause interruptions in business income, among other problems. You might need to file several insurance claims relating to your property damage, lost revenue, and more.

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