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Boca Raton Product Liability Attorneys

Every year, millions of people suffer injuries due to defective products. You may be surprised to know that most consumer products have the potential to cause injury due to defects. With many products, such as a trampoline, the risk is obvious. But many other products appear to be safe when, in reality, they can cause serious damage. For example, a plug-in night light looks safe, but a defective design or mistake in manufacturing could lead to a house fire causing severe injuries.

Fortunately for those injured by faulty or defective consumer products, Florida product liability laws allow victims to file a legal claim for compensation for damages. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The Boca Raton product liability attorneys from Demand the Limits have a successful history of trying product liability cases and securing compensation for damages for our clients. Contact us for a free case evaluation now.

What Are the Types of Liability Lawsuits?

Here are the three primary types of liability cases:

  1. Strict Liability

The theory of strict liability applies to most product liability cases. That means the person who is injured merely has to prove a defect is present in the product and that the defect caused the injury.

In this case, the manufacturer may be strictly liable for the damages, even if they took extreme care during the manufacturing process. Keep in mind that strict liability only applies if the product was purchased from the manufacturer or one of its distributors or stores. Second-hand purchases of a product render it ineligible for strict liability claims.

  1. Negligence

With a negligence claim, the claimant must show that the defendant had a duty to sell a product that is safe for consumers. The next step is for the consumer to demonstrate that the manufacturer breached that duty. The injured person must prove that the defendant knew, or reasonably should have known their product was defective. Finally, the claimant must prove that their injuries were caused by the defective product.

  1. Breach of Warranty

Consumers depend on two types of warranties – express and implied. An express warranty is when a manufacturer or retailer makes representations about the safety of a product. An implied warranty means the manufacturer, retailer, or another liable party promises that the product will not cause harm if it is used correctly. As its name implies, a breach of warranty applies to any person who could reasonably be expected to use the product.

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At Demand the Limits, we work hard not only to help restore our clients financially, but also to apply pressure on manufacturers to design better and safer products. We also know that no amount of compensation can make up for the injury or loss of a loved one and we, and our clients, are grateful in the knowledge that future consumers may not face the same risk.

Contact us now for a free initial case evaluation. Our Boca Raton based product liability lawyers can answer your questions and give you the guidance you need to proceed.