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Types of Personal Injuries

There are any number of ways in the world to suffer an accidental injury, whether you are at home, at work, in your car, out shopping, walking down a street, or pretty much in any other situation you can imagine. Similarly, there are many types of injuries you can suffer, ranging from fairly insignificant to life-altering.

One federal study found that about 2.5 million people in the United States are hospitalized with injuries from accidents or violence, and that nearly 27 million are treated in emergency rooms annually. That’s nearly 10-percent of the U.S. population every year. Odds are, sooner or later, you could suffer an accidental injury yourself. It might not be major, but it could be. If you suffer such an accidental injury, consider contacting the personal injury attorneys of Demand the Limits. We can help.

What Types of Injuries Are Common in Accidents?

Traffic accidents, falls, and other types of accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries, which can range from relatively minor to catastrophic. Even minor injuries can require medical care, and the bills add up quickly. More serious injuries can change the entire course of your life.

Whether you have a small stack of medical bills or a lifetime of losses, you should always explore your right to compensation from liable parties. Each injury claim is different, and the many claims we handle involve the following injuries, among others:

  • Brain and head injuries - Many accidents result in head trauma, which can cause skull fractures and damage to the brain tissue that results in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries can cause lasting cognitive and physical impairments to many people.
  • Spinal injuries - When you suffer spinal trauma, you need immediate medical help. If the injury is severe enough, it can result in permanent paralysis.
  • Facial injuries - Injuries to the face, including nose, jaw, or cheek fractures, can be traumatizing and permanently disfiguring. These are common in bicycle, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle crashes.
  • Internal injuries - Internal hemorrhaging or damage to your organs can be an extremely serious situation, often because people do not realize these injuries until they have worsened.
  • Broken bones - Breaking a bone might seem like a right-of-passage injury, but fractures always require medical care to prevent long-term effects. Some broken bones might need surgery or might cause lasting impairments.
  • Cuts and lacerations - Some cuts can be treated with first aid, while deeper lacerations will need stitches, glue, or other suturing. Puncture wounds and very deep cuts need monitoring to prevent infection, and they might sever tendons or other tissue.

After an injury, you should always seek medical attention, and then contact a personal injury lawyer who can advise you of your rights.

If You Have Suffered and Accidental Injury, Talk to The South Florida Personal Injury Attorneys of Demand the Limits

If you are injured in an accident, no matter what kind or where, you need to explore your options for compensation. You should consult with an attorney. In South Florida, talk to the personal injury attorneys of Demand the Limits. We can help you recover the damages you deserve, so contact us for free today.