Commercial Truck Accidents

Boynton Beach Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial vehicles have always played important roles in our lives, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made this even more true. Many of us are having everything from groceries and restaurant meals to clothing and kitchenware delivered directly to our doors. Further, commercial trucks transport the bulk of the consumer goods we purchase and use on a daily basis. In other words, commercial vehicles offer an immense convenience, but when they’re involved in accidents, the level of risk – due to their size and weight – tends to be that much more considerable. If you’ve been injured by a commercial driver’s negligence, you need an experienced Boynton Beach personal injury attorney in your corner.

Commercial Vehicles Come in Many Forms

There is a vast range of commercial vehicles out there, and they fill a variety of important jobs. Commercial vehicles can include:

  • Mail delivery trucks
  • Package delivery trucks
  • Moving trucks
  • Restaurant, grocery, and floral delivery trucks and vans
  • Repair trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • Garbage trucks

Commercial vehicles help our lives run more smoothly. Accidents involving commercial vehicles, however, are not only exceedingly dangerous but also tend to be quite complicated.

Special Considerations

Accidents cases involving commercial vehicles are more complicated for a variety of important reasons, including:

  • Their size and weight make any ensuing accidents more dangerous.
  • The fact that commercial vehicles are generally required to pull in and out of traffic and to stop and start frequently make traffic accidents more likely.
  • Commercial vehicles are often required to park in whatever way they possibly can in order to make their deliveries, and when this leads to awkward positioning, it can interfere with the safe flow of traffic through the area and can reduce visibility for other motorists, which can make passing the parked giant more dangerous.
  • Commercial vehicles have larger blind spots and require longer stopping distances than do the cars we drive. Both of these factors can put other motorists at greater risk of being injured in commercial vehicle accidents if the commercial driver behind the wheel doesn’t remain hyper-vigilant to these safety concerns.

Commercial Drivers

The drivers who man commercial vehicles are commercial drivers, and this means that they face more strict safety rules and regulations. When it comes to reducing the number of commercial vehicle accidents on our roadways, commercial drivers are the first line of defense. When commercial drivers engage in negligent driving practices, such as speeding excessively or driving while impaired, exhausted, or distracted, they leave everyone on the roadway at greater risk of being seriously injured in commercial vehicle accidents.

Seek the Experienced Legal Counsel of a Boynton Beach Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

If the driver behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle leaves you or someone you love injured, the personal injury lawyers at Demand the Limits Personal Injury Attorneys in Boynton Beach have impressive experience successfully guiding cases like yours toward resolutions that work. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (561) 853-2137 to schedule a free consultation today.

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