Bicycle Accidents

Boynton Beach Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bikes are extremely popular for leisure rides, transportation for work and school, and running errands in the Sunshine State. Sadly, many motorists, specifically motor vehicle drivers, still fail to look out for the safety of bicyclists they share the road with. Inattentive, negligent, or blatantly reckless drivers cause all sorts of accidents that result in serious injuries or death to bicyclists.

In the first quarter of 2022 alone, there have been 1,816 bicycle crashes in Florida that have resulted in 1,686 injuries and 54 deaths. If you were hurt in a crash while riding your bike in Florida, let the seasoned Boynton Beach bicycle accident attorneys of Demand The Limits review the details of your case and seek compensation for your injuries and related damages.

Common Injuries Resulting From Bicycle Accidents

Soft tissue injuries like lacerations, bruises, and scrapes resulting from sudden and solid impacts are very common in bike crashes. Bicyclists may also suffer broken teeth, facial fractures, and multiple bone fractures. Those who are thrown off their bikes by the impact of a crash may also suffer head and brain injuries that are potentially fatal or cause lifelong disabilities and require long-term medical care.

Common Causes of Bicycle Crashes

Many bike crashes result from a driver’s recklessness or failure to give bicyclists the right-of-way. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t know how, or care, to share the road with bicyclists safely. The most common types of crashes involving bicycles and drivers include:

  • Unsafe right turns – Drivers turning right on a red light must always look to their right and their rear for oncoming motorists to avoid crashing into a bicyclist who’s coming from behind.
  • Unsafe left turns – Drivers who are turning left must be careful when they’re in front of a bicyclist and not violate their right-of-way. Otherwise, they might crash into the bicyclist.
  • Failure to look out for bicyclists – Drivers who fail to notice bicyclists and suddenly pull out right into the bicyclist’s path may leave the bicyclist seriously injured in a crash. This also applies in accidents where drivers fail to notice bicyclists when pulling out of parking spaces and driveways.

Seek Legal Guidance From Our Seasoned Boynton Beach Bicycle Accident Attorneys Today

The Boynton Beach bicycle accident attorneys of Demand The Limits are dedicated to standing up for bicyclists who’ve been hurt by negligent and reckless drivers. Our knowledge and experience with personal injury claims will enable us to determine the best legal options for your case.

You should likewise know that insurance providers often attempt to take advantage of injured claimants and even go as far as to claim that the claimant is to blame for the bicycle crash. But we will collect the necessary evidence to build your claim and make sure that the liable party will pay for your losses.

You can trust our Boynton Beach bicycle accident attorneys to pursue compensation for all the injuries and damages you suffered in a bicycle crash. To schedule your free case review with one of our Boynton Beach bicycle accident attorneys, please call 561-853-2137 or reach us online.

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