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Boynton Beach Dog Bite Attorneys

Dogs can be the most loyal and loving companions. However, even the sweetest dogs can cause personal injuries. This is why in Florida, all dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their dogs don’t hurt and endanger the lives of others. In the unfortunate event that a dog bites or otherwise injures you or a loved one, you might be entitled to obtain financial compensation for the injury-related losses you suffered.

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Dog Bite Laws in Florida

Under the law, dog owners in Florida will be held liable for injuries their dog causes if the dog bites another individual and the individual was in a public location or legally in a private property, such as the dog owner’s property.

Likewise, if a dog injures you in another way, you may still be able to prove the owner’s liability for the incident if you can clearly show that the negligence of the owners contributed to or directly caused your injuries. For example, if a dog knocked you down and you got injured, you can possibly hold the owner responsible for your injuries because they failed to restrain their dog properly.

In addition, Florida follows the strict liability rule. This means that dog owners may be held legally accountable for their dog’s actions, even if there was no warning or they had no knowledge that their dog might bite someone.

Recoverable Damages in a Dog Bite Claim

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