Will FL Highway Construction Ever End?

Road construction is a fact of life – especially for Floridians, it sometimes seems. In fact, Florida’s I-95 is widely touted as one of the most dangerous highways in the nation. When it comes to road construction, there is plenty to go around in the State of Florida. If you’ve been injured as a result of poorly designed, conceived, implemented, or maintained road construction, it’s time to reach out to an experienced Boynton Beach personal injury attorney.

Frequent Accidents

Accidents on Florida’s highways happen, and rampant road construction exacerbates the problem. In fact, even well-run road construction makes driving more hazardous, but when road construction is poorly executed and/or other motorists fail to follow the directions and rules posted for the site, life-threatening accidents can ensue. The most basic dangers of road construction include:

  • Road construction requires traffic to flow through a more restrictive space, which intensifies traffic in that area, alters the flow of traffic, and limits drivers’ options. When you drive in normal traffic – even when that traffic is heavy – there are multiple lanes and a shoulder to provide a bit of wiggle room in a driving emergency. When you’re driving through road construction, there is very little room for error.
  • Road construction – when not well planned and/or when it doesn’t have adequate signage – can be extremely disorienting for drivers. When a motorist is searching for a specific exit while driving through chaotic road construction, for example, it can prove disastrous.
  • Road construction, by definition, requires the road to be torn up and rebuilt in one capacity or another, which means there are hazards involved. This does not mean, however, that road construction sites don’t have to be implemented with the utmost care and planning to help ensure the safety of not only the construction workers but also those motorists who pass through.
  • Road construction requires reduced speeds, but when motorists aren’t warned of this change in ample time, it can make slowing down safely in relation to road construction difficult. Further, when traffic is required to merge into road construction with little warning or guidance, it makes matters that much more chaotic and dangerous.
  • With road construction come increased dangers, such as uneven pavement and potentially debris-strewn roadways. Unfortunately, however, drivers have very little recourse other than to take whatever comes their way (there’s generally very little opportunity to bypass the danger). In other words, it’s a bit like driving into a chute and hoping for the best. When you mix in negligent motorists, things become that much more precarious.

An Experienced Boynton Beach Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If ill-conceived and/or poorly executed road construction leaves you injured in a car accident, the dedicated personal injury lawyers at Demand the Limits Personal Injury Attorneys in Boynton Beach are committed to skillfully defending your rights in support of your claim’s most beneficial resolution. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (561) 853-2137 to schedule a free consultation today.

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