What Should I Take Photos of After My Accident?

Among the most crucial things you must do after a motor vehicle accident, assuming that it’s physically safe for you to do so, is to document the accident scene by taking photos and videos. If you can’t take pictures right away, ask a family member or friend to photograph the following:

The Vehicles Involved

Take shots from multiple angles, and make sure to focus on the most damaged parts of the vehicle. Take photos of the interior of your vehicle as well. Snap some photos of the other driver’s car, if needed. Taking clear photos and videos of your vehicle will help show the points of contact and how the crash occurred.

Skid Marks

Skid marks can demonstrate a driver attempted to stop abruptly and may show a driver was driving too fast. If you see skid marks on the accident scene, take photos of them in relation to the exact spot where the crash happened. Pictures of skid marks may help establish the fault and liability for the accident.

Weather Conditions and Road Conditions

Slippery or wet surfaces or debris on the roadway can have a significant impact on the occurrence of a motor vehicle crash. Standing water, potholes, or lumpy roads may likewise indicate poor road maintenance or defective road design.

Nearby Traffic Lights and Road Signs

Documenting nearby traffic lights and road signs can help demonstrate how the other driver may have ignored these signals or signs, resulting in the crash. Make sure to take snaps of where exactly the collision occurred, such as an intersection, parking lot, a curve, or in the middle of the street.

Surrounding Businesses

Many businesses have surveillance cameras set up to protect their premises, and it’s possible that some of these cameras may have recorded your car crash. The footage for these cameras may be important to provide your injury claim. Taking pictures of these businesses will help your Boca Raton personal injury lawyer know which businesses to approach, so they can obtain footage relevant to your accident.

Your Injuries

Snap photos of all your injuries right after the accident and continue doing so for as long as needed. Document your symptoms and take photos of scars and assistive devices you use if applicable. When you file your claim against the liable party, the photos of your injuries can help show the exact seriousness and nature of your injuries and prove how they have negatively affected your daily life.

When taking pictures of scars, contusions, scrapes, or bruises, take many shots from different distances and angles. It can sometimes be difficult to tell an elbow from a knee if the photo is too close to your body.

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