Steps to Take After an Accident When You Do Not Live in Florida


If you suffered injuries or property damage in a slip and fall or motor vehicle accident in Florida when you were visiting the state and need to file a claim for damages you incurred due to the accident, you will find that the insurance claims process is generally the same as it would be had the accident occurred in your home state.

All states provide injured individuals a right to pursue financial compensation. This means that no matter where in the U.S. you’re injured, you can take bring legal action against a party that wronged you. But the legal process can be very challenging without proper legal representation. To ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and accident-associated losses, you must consider various factors.

What to Do After Getting Injured in Florida as a Visitor

Let’s say that you got into a motor vehicle crash due to the other driver’s negligence. You must call the police or 911 to report the accident. You should then collect the following information:

  • The other driver’s name, insurance details, driver’s license number, and contact details
  • The name of the responding officer
  • A clear description of the other driver’s vehicle
  • Pictures and videos of the accident scene
  • The contact information of witnesses

Call 911 or head to the emergency room if you require immediate medical treatment. Even if you live close to Florida – in Georgia, for example – you don’t have to go home to get medical attention, and you shouldn’t. The sooner you get checked out, the better it is for your health and your personal injury case. After seeking treatment in Florida, you should still follow up with your own doctor at home.

Main Considerations When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffered serious injuries or the liable party is not cooperating with your claim, and you need to hire a personal injury lawyer, you now have to figure out whether you should work with a lawyer from your state or the state where your accident occurred. The answer to this is easy – you must work with a lawyer that practices in the state where the accident occurred, which in this case is Florida.

It is easier for your lawyer to work on your case when they’re near the courthouse. It’s likewise more cost-effective because your lawyer won’t have to go back and forth from state to state. Most importantly, a local personal injury lawyer in the jurisdiction where your claim will be filed and heard will know the local judges, courts, and jury pool, which can help ensure a better result for your case. Most lawyers also offer video or phone consultations, particularly for out-of-state clients.

Reach Out to an Experienced Boynton Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Now

If you get injured in Florida as a visitor, the best thing you can do for your case is to consult with a local lawyer to help you understand your rights and ensure that you are making the best strategic decisions for your case. Contact Demand The Limits online or by phone at 561-600-3555 to schedule a free case evaluation with our Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer.

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