Distracted Driving Accidents


In 2020, 48,537 distracted driving crashes occurred in Florida, with 2,756 crashes resulting in serious bodily injuries and 308 resulting in deaths. 2,315 cases of those distracted driving crashes occurred in Palm Beach County.

The skilled Boca Raton distracted driving accident lawyers at the Demand The Limits Personal Injury Law Firm represent individuals who have been severely hurt by distracted drivers in Florida. We’re looking forward to working with you and recovering all the distracted driving accident-associated losses you incurred.

What Exactly is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving includes a wide range of actions that take a driver’s focus away from the road. It could refer to various behaviors, which could include drinking, eating, speaking with passengers, talking on your mobile phone, or tinkering with the radio or other electronic gadgets while driving. Any of these could cause a serious or fatal distracted driving accident.

Florida Laws to Curb Distracted Driving Accidents

Mobile phones or cellphones are the most dangerous driver distractions because they impair the driver’s visual, auditory, manual, and cognitive responses while driving. This is why in the Sunshine State, the law is focused primarily on curbing distracted driving crashes that result from texting when driving.

In Florida, it is illegal for drivers to drive a motor vehicle while also manually entering or typing multiple numbers, letters, or other characters into any wireless communications device, such as a mobile phone. It’s likewise illegal to read or send data on such devices for non-voice interpersonal communications, which includes, among others, communication modes like texting, instant messaging, and e-mail messages.

Damages Injured Victims Can Recover in Distracted Driving Accidents

When you work with our reputed Boca Raton distracted driving accident lawyer, we will pursue damages for your:

  • Medical bills, including hospitalization, emergency services, rehab, physical therapy, medications, etc.
  • Property damage
  • Lost earnings
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Loss of life enjoyment

When insurance companies, juries, judges, and lawyers calculate the amount of financial compensation that injured distracted accident victims could recover, they take into account these crucial factors:

  • The cost of future, present, and/or past medical care
  • The amount of work, therefore, wage or income, the victim missed, including applicable benefits and paid vacation or leaves.
  • How the injuries affected the victim’s quality of life
  • All the pain and suffering the victim had and would have to endure due to their injuries.
  • How the injuries would affect the victim’s earning capacity
  • The at-fault driver’s insurance coverage limits

We can likewise help families bring wrongful death actions if they lose their loved ones in a distracted driving accident.

Seek Legal Help from a Boca Raton Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Today

If the actions of a negligent distracted driver left you or a family member seriously hurt or worse, resulted in a loved one’s death, our Boca Raton distracted driving accident lawyer will make certain that you obtain fair and full compensation for all the losses you suffered. You can reach out to the Demand The Limits Personal Injury Law Firm to arrange a free case review by contacting us online or calling 561-600-3555.

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