What Are Premises Liability Accidents?

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Premises liability is a legal term that refers to the responsibility every property owner or overseer assumes when others visit the property that they’re responsible for. If the property is somehow neglected or unsafe, causing a tenant or visitor harm in the form of an illness or injury suffered on the property, then the owner might be held liable for the harm the person has endured and related costs. This type of liability is known as premises liability.

There are many ways that a property can be unsafe. From faulty safety equipment like fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors to improperly maintained structural features or integrity of a property, a property can hold many potential hazards for those visiting or traversing the premises, for which the party responsible for the property is liable.

If you suffered injuries due to a dangerous property, you need the help of a Boca Raton premises liability attorney right away.

Property-Related Accidents

There are some more common types of accidents that can incur premises liability, including:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Elevator and escalator defects
  • Porch collapses
  • Stair collapses
  • Fires
  • Unsafe swimming pools
  • Unsafely maintained conditions within a building or home
  • Neglect towards ensuring safety requirements for various appliances and utilities are met
  • Negligent supervision and training of those responsible for ensuring safety in a given area

These and other dangerous circumstances on a property can all too easily cause innocent people serious harm, ranging from debilitating injuries to emotional trauma and financial burdens.

More Complex Premise Liability Cases

While the owner of a home is clearly the responsible party when negligence prevents an owner from properly maintaining safe premises on their property for guests, it is not always so simple. A condo association, for example, may be responsible for maintaining safe premises in the common areas and other areas that aren’t owned by the individual condominium owners.

We can look at the tragedy that occurred when the Surfside condominium tower near Miami collapsed in 2021. In this tragedy, liability might fall on a number of parties, including the condo owners, associations, inspectors, and more.

Thus, premise liability cases involve so much more than the simple slip and fall – what we see from the Surfside Florida tragedy, premise liability covers a lot more than minor accidents from minor defects of properties. It can expand to hold parties liable for such catastrophic events like a complete collapse of the building.

Getting Help from a Boca Raton Premises Liability Attorney

If you were involved in an accident and were injured on someone else’s property and believe you deserve just compensation for the injuries you suffered in your accident, you need a law firm dedicated to representing these kinds of cases successfully. Demand The Limits Personal Injury Attorneys handles these kinds of personal injury cases and will fight to ensure your claim for compensation receives a proper resolution. To obtain a free case evaluation, contact us online today or call 561-600-3555 to get connected with one of our professional Boca Raton premises liability lawyers.

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