Green Acres Car Accident Lawyer

Green Acres Car Accident Lawyer

Why You Should Always Demand the Limits in a Car Accident

When you are recovering physically, mentally, and financially from a car accident, you need to know how to protect yourself from further damages. Our car accident lawyers in Green Acres Florida can help you.

Demand the Limits is a Green Acres car accident lawyer that will empower you with information so that you know what to expect from the process, and how to take action in the best interests of you and your family.

The Law Is On Your Side

Whether you are found at fault or not, the law is on your side but you need to be proactive. Insurance is not going to cover everything, and they especially will not offer you the compensation you need to account for any lost wages incurred due to missing days at work during and after the accident, medical expenses related to the accident, and damage beyond what the insurer wants to pay.

Especially if the insurance company rules you at fault for an accident, you need a car accident lawyer in Green Acres Florida on your side. If you are not at fault, you cannot take for granted that everything is going to fall into place. Only an attorney can help you understand what you deserve. Always Demand the Limits.

Why Our Car Accident Lawyers

A car accident lawyer knows what you are entitled to under Florida law, and helps you to balance the scales of justice after a car accident. Leveraging your legal rights is something you should do for several reasons. After an accident, you are in a particularly vulnerable state.

In a worst-case scenario, a car accident can result in wrongful death and a lawyer can protect you.

After a car accident, you just want to get on with your life, but do not neglect to Demand the Limits. The costs incurred from an accident usually go far beyond what people expect.

No matter how good you think your insurance coverage is, it is never enough and is certainly not all you are entitled to under Florida law.

Also, your recollection of the accident is likely to be imperfect. An attorney will help you uncover the truth so that others do not take advantage of you. Remember, the best defense is almost always a good offense. Being proactive is the best way to protect yourself and your family.

You will also not be aware of the injuries you sustained until days or even weeks following the accident. A good rule of thumb is to talk to an attorney and then see your doctor to make sure that you did not sustain any injuries you may as yet be unaware of and address them as soon as possible.

Car Accidents Are Costly

Your insurance plan may cover some of your repair expenses, but not all of them, regardless of who is ruled at fault.

If the vehicle involved one or more other parties, consider that each of them will also have claims they want to make. You need to assume all other parties involved intend to use an attorney to get what they believe they deserve, and you should be doing the same.

Accidents result in costs you may have yet to consider, especially if you were found at fault. Even if another party is at fault, you will not be able to receive what you deserve simply by asking nicely. You need an attorney to advocate on your behalf.

Medical bills, which can be ongoing, tend to be among the costliest of all repercussions after an accident.

Accidents can result in time off from work, loss of wages, and even losing clients.

Trauma and post-traumatic stress can cause immediate or chronic mental health issues, which incur costs when you need additional therapy or time off from work.

Psychological stress can create a cascading effect, impacting your relationships. You are not alone—most people do experience psychological as well as physical ramifications from car accidents.

If the accident resulted in a death or spinal cord injury, the trauma to you and all affected parties will be even greater. Getting what you deserve means being able to cover all costs, including funeral costs, medical expenses, emotional damages, and recovery of damaged property.

Car Accident Claims

Almost all accidents are caused by human error, direct or indirect. General negligence or lack of attentiveness causes accidents. Dozing off behind the wheel, driving while distracted, texting or talking on the phone while driving, and of course, driving while intoxicated are all possible reasons for the accident.

Road rage and aggression may also be involved in the accident. Reckless driving, speeding, and weaving through traffic are also commonly reported causes of car accidents in Green Acres Florida.

Negligence can lead to anything from a parking lot fender-bender to a head-on collision on a freeway resulting in fatalities. Whatever happened in your case, take charge of the situation by calling a car accident lawyer. The lawyer will investigate the accident thoroughly and let you know what your rights are in this specific case.

Poor infrastructure design, bad or nonexistent signage, and weather conditions can also cause accidents, and the attorney will take all of these contingencies into consideration.

Recovering From A Car Accident

A car accident lawyer in Green Acres Florida helps you to recover from the accident on several levels:

  • An attorney gives you mental clarity and the decision-making power you need to move forward and on with your life.
  • An attorney helps you to receive the best quality medical treatment and interventions, for you and any passengers in your vehicle during the accident.
  • An attorney counsels you, which expands your locus of control and imparts a sense of psychological empowerment and closure.
  • Calling an attorney can help you reduce feelings of anger and helplessness after the accident. It is about a lot more than the money.

What To Expect From Our Lawyers

From the moment you call for a free consultation, an attorney will recognize your case as being unique and listen closely to your concerns, taking every detail into account.

The attorney will evaluate the facts of the case, perhaps requesting that you see a doctor if you have not yet already. It is necessary to consider the extent of your injuries and evaluate possible long-term damages due to you in terms of future time off from work and loss of income, in addition to medical bills.

In some situations, the attorney will actually perform an investigation of the site of the accident. Errors in judgment could lead to a misattribution of fault or negligence, and we need to be sure that the insurance or police reports were accurate versus whether they need to be disputed.

Likewise, the attorney will consider extraneous factors that may have caused the accident such as potholes or other infrastructure issues, or manufacturing defects in the vehicle.

A car accident lawyer in Green Acres Florida also knows the intricacies of local and state laws, and will know exactly what approach to take in the case to make things work in your favor.

Statute of Limitations

Remember that you do have a limited time frame within which you can file negligence or personal injury suits. Let the initial shock of the accident blow over, and then call an attorney immediately thereafter to make sure that you get everything you can from the process.

You have nothing to lose by calling an attorney after an accident. A free consultation is a risk-free proposition. What are you waiting for? Be proactive and call now: Demand the Limits!

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