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Almost all drivers experience some type of automobile accident in their lifetime.  In fact, even if you never get behind the wheel of a car, the chances are high that you will be a passenger in an auto accident at some point in time.  Most auto accidents are inconveniences that damage property and cause minor physical harm such as bruises and scrapes to the people involved in the accident.  However, some auto accidents lead to serious injury, even death, for the people involved.  Of all motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents have the greatest potential for danger because 18-wheelers/ semi-trucks are huge.

What You Should Know

Moreover, truck accidents are different from regular car accidents in other ways, as well.  Truckers have to follow special rules and regulations on the road, which are not applicable to regular car drivers.  Failure to adhere to those rules and regulations can make a trucker liable in a scenario where two car drivers might have been equally at-fault.  Knowing these rules and regulations is absolutely critical when trying to make a claim in a truck accident.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, you may have a remedy for your injuries.  You may be able to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit for compensation.  Some of the items that may be compensated include medical bills for your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any lingering disabilities.

If you have ever handled the aftermath of a minor car accident, you may think that you can handle a truck accident claim yourself.  However, truck accident lawsuits are far more complicated than the average car wreck.  Demand the Limits Delray Beach area trucking accident attorneys know every aspect of trucking accident personal injury cases, from state-specific laws and federal regulations to the likely lifelong costs associated with certain injuries.  We bring years of experience and knowledge to the fight, so that we can help you get the compensation you need to make you whole after an injury.

Not sure if an attorney can help you deal with your trucking injury?  Contact us today to set up a free consultation.  At that consultation, we will go over the facts of your case.  How did the accident occur and what was the outcome of the accident?  We will find out what type of injuries you suffered and go over your medical diagnosis.  Once we have that information, we will give you our professional evaluation of your case, including how our experience as South Florida attorneys practicing primarily in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties has helped us judge the likely amount of damage awards in local courts.

Trucking is a major component of America’s commercial shipping system.  Even items that are shipped via boat, plane, or railroad are generally trucked from an initial destination and to a final destination.  That means that there is a wide range of commercial shipping vehicles on modern roadways.  Most of these commercial shipping vehicles fall under the umbrella of “truck” and include: 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, flat-bed trucks, livestock carriers, tanker trucks, road trains, garbage and/or recycling trucks, fire engines, ambulances, delivery vehicles (UPS, FEDEX and USPS trucks), armored trucks, dump trucks, and passenger buses or coaches.

As you can see from the list, some of these vehicles fall outside of what you think of when you think of “truck,” but almost any large commercial vehicle might qualify as a truck.  If you were involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, at our free consultation, we can let you know if the vehicle in question qualifies as a truck or if your claim would be better pursued under a standard automobile claim, as well as explaining any legal consequences of that difference.

Because most trucks are significantly larger than non-commercial vehicles, there are specific types of accidents that are associated with trucking accidents.  These include: jackknife accidents, cargo spills, rollovers, rear-end collisions, and underride crashes.

A jackknife accident is when the truck’s trailer spins around, so that the back of the truck and the front of the truck are facing in approximately the same direction.  This is called a jackknife because the shape of the truck then resembles a partially opened jackknife or pocket knife.  These accidents are dangerous because the spinning trailer means that the truck driver has lost control of the vehicle.  Both the trailer and the cab can collide with over vehicles during a jackknife.

Rollovers refer to the truck rolling over.  Any type of vehicle can potentially roll over.  However, for trucks, the real risk is if the truck is top-heavy or is being driven in dangerous conditions, such as in high-winds.  Rollovers can also happen if a truck is overloaded, making it unstable.

Cargo spills refer to a truck losing its cargo.  The damage that results from the cargo spill could be from falling cargo either hitting other vehicles or impeding the roadway and causing other cars to wreck.  In addition to solid cargo, cargo spills can include liquid or gas hazardous cargo.

While rear-end collisions can occur with any type of vehicle, the height difference between commercial and passenger vehicles tends to make them more dangerous when a truck is involved.  A rear-end collision means that the driver of a rear-vehicle has not stopped before hitting the rear-end of another vehicle.

While you think of rear-end collisions as being caused by the driver in the rear, when a truck is involved, that driver may actually be in great danger.  An underride crash occurs when a smaller vehicle hits a semi-truck and is pushed underneath the truck.  This can be caused due to the negligence of the driver of the smaller car, because of a third party hitting the smaller car, or due to the truck driver’s negligence.

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Whatever specific type of trucking accident you have experienced, Demand the Limit’s experienced Delray Beach trucking accident lawyers can help you determine your rights.  Furthermore, many people lack the information they need to determine whether the truck was at fault and if pursuing a claim is valid.  We can help you conduct a detailed investigation that can get you the information you need to pursue a claim.

Like most auto accidents, truck accidents are usually attributable to driver error.  However, there are some types of errors that are more common among truck accidents.  The common causes for truck accidents include: improperly loaded cargo, lack of training, driver fatigue, overloaded trucks, trucks that were not inspected or properly maintained, speeding, tailgating, drunk driving, or failing to follow the law.  It is important to understand that some of these causes violate federal and state trucking regulations.  For example, truckers are limited to the number of hours they can drive, the types of vehicles they can drive, and the type and amount of cargo they can carry.

When a trucking accident occurs, a number of different parties might actually be liable for the resulting injuries.  The trucker may be held liable, but so can the employer, the owner of the truck, the lessor of the truck, the truck’s manufacturer, the truck’s mechanics, parts suppliers, and the cargo company using the truck.  Who is liable is very dependent on the facts of the accident.

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