Why So Many Car Accidents Happen in Florida

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Car accidents are inevitable regardless of where you are in the country. However, drivers in Florida have an increased risk of getting in an accident than drivers in other states. Data from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed that Florida saw 3,089 fatal crashes that resulted in 3,331 deaths in 2020.

Likewise, as of September 2022, 266,239 crashes have occurred on Florida roadways, resulting in 168,916 injuries and 2,331 deaths. But why are so many car crashes happening in Florida?

Distracted Driving

Texting while driving is illegal. Other driver distractions that can result in a crash include drinking and eating, talking, or arguing with passengers, fiddling with the radio or navigation app, and anything that takes the focus off driving safely. Teen drivers and newbie drivers are particularly susceptible to distracted driving crashes.

Driving Too Fast For The Conditions

Drivers who drive too fast for the conditions or posted speed limits have an increased risk of getting into a crash. Speeding makes it difficult for drivers to navigate turns and other driving maneuvers safely. It also gives drivers less time to respond to unexpected events or changes while driving.

Driving While Drunk or Drugged

Drunk or drugged driving impairs a driver’s ability to safely respond to changing traffic and road conditions. A drugged or drunk driver cannot accurately assess the situation around them, which increases their risk of getting into devastating crashes.

Failure to Follow a Traffic Control Device

Drivers who have the right of way or green light may not expect another motorist to run a red light or stop sign. But accidents involving drivers who run red lights at signalized intersections are common. In addition, a side-impact collision can lead to serious or deadly injuries to the driver and passengers of the car that was hit by the red-light runner.

Drowsy Driving

Some drivers do not get adequate sleep before heading out to the road, while others, like truckers, have no choice but to drive for work even if they haven’t had enough sleep. The driving abilities of sleepy, fatigued, or drowsy drivers are significantly impaired, which can result in catastrophic accidents.

Inclement Weather Conditions

Hurricanes, wet and slippery roads, heavy rains, and sudden gusts of strong winds can easily make drivers lose control of their cars and cause an accident. Inclement weather conditions can cause a driver to respond in ways that they normally would not, which can lead to a chain reaction crash when they are not prepared for another driver to respond to the weather conditions in an unexpected way.

Animals on The Roadways

While the rate of deer accidents in Florida is low, there’s still a substantial number of crashes involving deer and other animals. Other animals that can create hazards on the roadways include possums, raccoons, and alligators, among others.

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