What Does a PI Claim Cover?

Millions of people are injured every year in accidents that are caused by the carelessness of other people. In many of these cases, victims sustain significant financial and personal losses, all because someone else failed to use a reasonable degree of care.

Fortunately, under California law, people who are hurt or otherwise harmed in incidents caused by the negligence of others can often recover compensation by filing a personal injury (PI) claim. In many cases, these claims are resolved by reaching a settlement agreement with the at-fault party’s insurance company, while in others, victims need to file a lawsuit and take the matter to court. In either case, personal injury claims can cover victims’ economic and non-economic losses. Some examples of the damages you may be able to recover include:

Medical Expenses

Many people who are injured in accidents sustain serious injuries that require medical care. In general, the more severe the injury, the more expensive their medical care will be, and people who sustain catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries often incur hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical bills. Fortunately, current and future medical expenses are recoverable through a personal injury claim.

Lost Income

Victims of accidents are often unable to work for weeks or even months after an accident. In fact, in cases involving permanent disabilities, victims may never be able to get back to work. California law allows people who are injured in preventable accidents to recover compensation for their lost income, including income that they will lose in the future. For this reason, anyone who is out of work because of an injury should speak to a lawyer as soon as they can.

Property Damage

Many injury cases also involve significant property damage. This is particularly true in motor vehicle accident cases, but it can also be true in other types of personal injury cases as well. Personal injury victims can recover compensation for repairs or replacement of damaged property as well as for ancillary expenses like the cost of a rental vehicle to get around while your car is in the shop or you are looking for a new one.

Non-Economic Damages

In California, personal injury victims can also recover compensation for non-economic losses like physical and emotional pain and suffering and lost quality of life. While these can often be the largest component of a personal injury award or settlement, they can also be the hardest. The best way to ensure that you obtain as much compensation as possible for your non-economic losses is to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to deal with insurance companies and who has a track record of success taking personal injury cases to court.

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