Top Ten Surgeries Required After a Bad Car Accident

According to the CDC, despite there being safety improvements in the motor vehicle industry in recent years, motor vehicle crashes remain one of America’s most significant mortality and injury sources. Car crashes often leave many people injured, with many having to undergo surgery for their injuries at some point in time.

Not every injury is immediately noticeable, as sometimes, days, months, or years after a car accident, an injury can present itself. Should you have been injured in a car crash, it’s imperative that you seek medical attention as you might need surgery and not know it. Additionally, it’s essential you consider contacting a Boca Raton personal injury lawyer who can help you gain compensation to ease the financial burden associated with surgical bills.

Common Surgeries Needed After a Crash

Car accidents are often traumatic experiences. Not every single car accident is fatal or results in serious injury. However, in some instances, surgery could be required to fix an injury sustained in a car accident.


When a car accident victim has injured their back, they could end up needing a discectomy. This type of surgery is done when a herniated disc is damaged to such an extent that a surgeon needs to remove it.

Brain Surgery

Motor vehicle crashes are amongst the most common causes of someone needing brain surgery due to a traumatic brain injury. If you have received a brain injury during a collision, you could require surgery to remove a blood clot, stop or relieve pressure and bleeding on the brain, or repair a skull fracture.

Dental Surgery

Should your face or mouth hit the steering wheel or other object during a car accident, you could need dental surgery. Some accident victims need surgery to fix teeth, while others will need surgery to receive dental implants as, without the surgery, you could have speech issues.

Knee Surgery

When driving or participating as a passenger in a motor vehicle, the position you sit in allows your knees to be vulnerable should you be in a car crash. Many people require knee surgery when their knees are trapped in a vehicle or have bashed into the dash. Ligament injuries are the common cause for people needing surgery on their knees after an accident.

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion surgery is also commonly referred to as spondylodesis. This surgery is an orthopedic technique that surgeons do to join together two or more vertebrae after a car accident. Often a spinal fusion is required after a herniated disc has been removed.

Plastic Surgery

Car accidents can cause excessive scarring to the face and other parts of the body by either glass cutting you or if you suffer a burn wound. Some people require plastic surgery to address the scarring and disfigurement caused by a crash. Often a plastic surgeon can repair and reduce the look of scar tissue and scars from burn wounds.


A laminotomy surgery could be required if a person’s spinal cord has been injured in a car crash. This surgery involves carefully removing a portion of the lamina to relieve the pressure that might have built up after an accident.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Most soft tissue injuries heal over time, but if you have suffered a torn tendon, ligament, or muscle during a car crash, you might need soft tissue surgery to fix it. In most cases, a doctor will try other methods before resorting to surgery for soft tissue injuries.

Internal Organ Surgery

This type of surgery usually occurs shortly after a car crash when a victim’s internal organs have been pierced, torn, or otherwise injured. Depending on the type of internal injury you have will determine if you need minimal or extensive internal surgery to repair the damage.


Due to the force associated with a car accident, many people suffer from spinal fractures in their vertebrae. Should this have occurred, a vertebroplasty surgery would be required. During the surgery, bone cement would be injected into the vertebrae’s cracks to repair the spinal fracture.

The Cost of Your Injuries Doesn’t Stop at the Surgery Bill

The true cost of a car accident is much more expensive than just a surgery bill. You will likely receive numerous hospital bills for the various procedures you had to undergo. You could be required to pay for the anesthesiologist, diagnostic testing, physical therapy, and medication costs.

In addition to these other damages, you could incur lost wages, pain, suffering, and lost wages. In most instances, to recoup your losses, you will need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help gain compensation for your injuries.

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