Top Causes of Car Accidents in Boynton Beach, Florida

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Millions of drivers operate motor vehicles throughout the state of Florida every day, and about 1,100 vehicle accidents occur in Florida every day. Recently, a driver made an improper left turn in front of an oncoming car on Military Trail, and in an instant, two women died, and three men suffered injuries that needed emergency treatment. This is only one example of the tragedy that can happen on the roads in this area.

It is important for drivers to be aware of the primary causes of automobile accidents, both to stay safe and to protect their rights in the event of a crash. If you suffer injuries in an accident, contact a Boynton Beach car accident attorney right away.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in the state of Florida. Drivers who text, eat, and listen to extremely loud music are more likely to not pay attention to their surroundings while operating a motor vehicle. This behavior is inherently dangerous to the driver and everyone else sharing the road.

Drivers are not able to devote their full attention to driving while they are texting or otherwise using a mobile phone. These drivers may collide with other vehicles, leave their lanes, cross through intersections when they are supposed to stop, as well as make many other mistakes on the road.

Aggressive Driving

Traffic, running late, and other factors can lead some drivers to be aggressive. They might speed excessively, tailgate, and ignore other traffic laws. Drivers may also fail to adhere to traffic signs and signals or often switch lanes without using a turning signal. Aggressive drivers often cause accidents because they consistently drive in a reckless manner.

Driving Under the Influence

Many drivers cause automobile accidents because of alcohol or drugs. Driving under the influence means that the driver and everyone near him or her is at risk of serious bodily injury or death. Drivers often cannot maintain their vehicles when they are intoxicated, and they are more likely to speed or drive too slowly, swerve into another lane, drive the wrong way, and make other deadly mistakes.

Weather Conditions

The weather in Florida can be unpredictable due to the sudden onset of thunderstorms. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding are also common throughout the state. Drivers who do not properly respond to the ever-changing weather conditions can find themselves in precarious situations on the open road. Many drivers speed on wet roads or make other mistakes that lead them to crash.

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Being a conscientious driver not only benefits you but your fellow citizens as well. Being aware of these common causes of road collisions can make you a safer driver. However, if you are the victim of another driver, then you should contact Demand the Limits Personal Injury Attorneys to preserve your legal rights. We can identify who should be liable for your injuries and losses, so please contact our office today.

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