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Car accidents can occur anytime and anywhere, even in one of the country’s best places for vacations and retirement – Boca Raton. Most car accidents carry the risk of serious injuries to all the involved parties. Some car crashes, however, are more serious than others and usually lead to permanent and life-changing injuries or deaths.

While there are various types of car accidents, the following types commonly occur in and near highways and roadways in Boca Raton:

T-Bone Car Accidents

When the front part of one car hits the side part of another car, it results in a T-bone car crash. The side part of a car doesn’t have the protections of its rear and front parts, so the people inside the T-boned car may suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI)spinal cord injury (SCI), multiple broken bones, and other potentially fatal injuries. T-bone car accidents happen when drivers fail to focus on driving because they’re distracteddrunk, or simply reckless.

Rear-End Car Accidents

A driver that stops suddenly may not give the driver following them sufficient time to stop, causing a rear-end crash. But the rear driver might also change lanes abruptly or follow too closely, reducing their own reaction time and causing a crash. Failing to pay proper attention to what’s happening in front of them, such as when driving distractedly, can likewise raise the risk of a rear driver hitting the car they are following.

Head-On Car Accidents

In head-on crashes, the front part of one car directly hits the front part of another car. If both cars were moving forward when the crash occurred, which usually happens in head-on collisions, their combined acceleration can make the accident more devastating and even lead to deaths. Even non-fatal head-on car accidents can result in life-altering injuries, including paralysis, amputations, TBIs, spinal cord damage, and internal organ damage, among others.

Hit-and-Run Car Accidents

Hit-and-run car crashes occur when one car hits another car, object, or pedestrian and then flees the accident scene. In most cases, hit-and-run collisions may result in serious injuries to car occupants, but especially to pedestrians that have little to no protection from the striking force of a motor vehicle.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

These accidents involve multiple cars. Typically, a crash involving two cars creates a chain-reaction accident that leads to a multi-vehicle crash. For example, this chain reaction could start with one car braking and getting struck from the rear, and the next vehicle in line might hit the car in front of it. A car could likewise speed through an intersection, crashing into another car that could crash into another car. Multi-car accidents can involve severe injuries, particularly for the people inside a car that was hit multiple times.

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