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Truck crashes are the most hazardous motor vehicle accidents because trucks are simply heavier than other motor vehicles and have significantly bigger blind spots. Serious truck collisions also usually result in life-changing and catastrophic injuries, and sometimes, death for all people involved in the crash.

Other road users, including other drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists, are especially susceptible to severe injuries from truck crashes since they generally can’t escape the huge blind spots that surround massive trucks. In particular, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists have the highest risk of sustaining severe injuries because they don’t have anything around them to safeguard their bodies.

Were you injured in a Boynton Beach truck accident? You can count on The Demand The Limits Personal Injury Law Firm for legal help. Our top Boynton Beach truck accident attorneys could make certain that you obtain maximum financial compensation to cover your truck accident-related losses.

Common Causes of Boynton Beach Truck Accidents

The Sunshine State is popular for all its entertainment venues, theme parks, beaches, various attractions, and many businesses. Unfortunately, the countless trucks that go through the state highways could threaten the safety of residents and millions of tourists that visit the state each year. Passenger vehicles also sustain severe damage when they get involved in Boynton Beach truck accidents.

Based on an FMCSA study, devastating truck crashes typically result from various factors, such as:

  • Speeding, which puts other road users’ safety at risk
  • Distracted driving, which is anything that diverts the truck driver’s full attention on the road
  • Fatigued driving due to tiredness, lack of sleep, and working long hours without ample rest
  • Driving while impaired due to alcohol and/or drugs
  • Illegal maneuvers, including sudden braking, lane switching, and running red lights or stop signs
  • Rear-end crashes when truck drivers fail to notice the brake lights of the vehicle in front of them
  • Inadequate maintenance on the trucks when truck companies put profits above people’s safety
  • Sideswiping when truckers crash into another vehicle in a busy roadway
  • Structural damage to the truck, faulty truck components, or tire blowouts

Failure to follow the traffic and road rules and perform required maintenance on trucks could lead to devastating accidents and injuries.

Truckers and Trucking Companies Must Follow Strict FMCSA Regulations

The FMCSA rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of all road users, including truckers, passenger vehicle drivers, pedestrians, and other motorists. Unfortunately, not all truckers are properly tested or trained to operate massive trucks, causing tragic consequences. Below are just some FMCSA regulations that truckers and trucking companies commonly violate:

  • Truckers must always follow the traffic rules.
  • Truckers applying for new commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) must pass a test about the specific type of truck they want to drive. They must likewise pass background checks and drug tests.
  • Truck drivers must pass a physical examination yearly and ensure a violation-free CDL.
  • Truckers must be very familiar with a broad range of weather and road conditions in the region or state they operate in, including how to safely navigate inclement weather conditions and road surfaces.
  • Drivers are required to take a defensive driving safety course every two years and obtain recertification whenever needed.
  • Truck drivers must always be in constant contact with dispatchers and ensure that they’re not exceeding the recommended working hours of 14 hours daily or 11 hours at a time, including the time needed for loading and unloading cargo and other related tasks.
  • Truckers must ensure that their trucks are in great working condition and are inspected, repaired, and serviced as needed.
  • Drivers must know the exact weight of their cargo and trailers and follow laws regarding the maximum weights allowed, which could vary depending on the load size, the number of axles, etc.

Truck drivers and trucking companies put the lives of all road users in danger when they fail to act responsibly. It is, therefore, immensely vital to hold these irresponsible and negligent individuals and entities liable for their actions by compensating injured victims.

Seeking Compensation for a Boynton Beach Truck Accident

Florida follows the no-fault auto insurance system. This means that when people get into an auto accident, each party turns to their own auto insurance providers to cover their medical expenses rather than filing a claim against the other party. In Florida, truckers are required to maintain a PIP or personal injury protection policy of at least $10,000, a bodily injury coverage of $10,000 per individual, and property damage liability coverage worth $10,000.

With no-fault auto insurance, regardless of whose actions caused the crash or who was hurt, the driver, a passenger, a pedestrian sideswiped by a truck, they must pursue compensation from their own auto insurance coverage first. For uninsured injured victims, they could turn to a relative’s insurance coverage if they’re covered.

But if an injured victim’s medical expenses exceed their coverage limits, they could:

  • Pay the excess out of pocket.
  • Use their health insurance coverage.
  • File a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent truck driver or their employer’s insurance coverage if their injuries meet a certain threshold

Laws regarding truck accident claims could get complicated very quickly. You might need to deal with multiple insurers that will also attempt to pressure you into accepting a quick but low settlement offer so that they can avoid paying the full worth of your insurance claim. With all the medical expenses piling up, caving in might seem very enticing, but do not cave in. Speak to an experienced Boynton Beach truck accident attorney first.

Also, determining and proving fault for a truck accident could be very challenging because multiple parties might be involved, and you wouldn’t want to inadvertently shortchange yourself by accepting a low settlement offer.

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