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Lyft has become a highly popular rideshare service in South Florida and throughout the country. Millions of people order rides from Lyft drivers each day, which provides affordable, fast, and convenient transportation. However, anytime you are out on the road, you are at risk of being injured in an accident, and many accidents involve Lyft drivers and vehicles.

The Lyft accident lawyers at Demand the Limits know that claims can be complicated and can arise in many ways. Whether you suffered injuries as a Lyft passenger or in another manner, we are ready to help. Contact our Palm Beach and Broward County legal team for more information today.

Lyft Accidents and Injuries

Many people can be affected by Lyft crashes, including Lyft passengers, Lyft drivers, people in other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and more. In some situations, the Lyft driver will be liable for a crash, though other drivers can also cause injuries to Lyft passengers, as well. Our law firm represents clients in a variety of situations, including the following:

● Lyft accidents when the Lyft driver was to blame

Drunk driving Lyft accidents

Reckless driving Lyft accidents

Pedestrian and Lyft accidents

Rear-end Lyft collisions

Head-on Lyft collisions

Rollover Lyft accidents

Accidents causing injuries to Lyft passengers

Lyft drivers can be negligent and can violate traffic rules and laws like anyone else on the road. While Lyft is required to conduct background checks on drivers, this does not mean they always hire safe drivers. If Lyft hires a driver who did not meet the requirements or had a history of dangerous driving, Lyft should be fully liable for harm caused by that driver. Even if a driver has a clean driving record, they still may speed or engage in other reckless behaviors that cause a crash. The same goes for drivers in other vehicles who may also cause a collision. Determining who can be liable for your Lyft accident is imperative since injuries and losses can be severe.

Seeking Maximum Recovery for Your Losses

Like any traffic accident, a Lyft crash can result in serious injuries like concussions, severe brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, soft tissue damage, and more. Accident victims can incur many losses, such as:

Our attorneys can determine the appropriate insurance claims needed to seek compensation for you, including claims with your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage or the policies of Lyft, the individual Lyft driver, or third-party drivers. We know how to play hardball with insurance companies and will file a personal injury lawsuit when needed to fully protect the rights of our clients.

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