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Boynton Beach Products Liability Attorneys

When you carefully budget for a purchase and commit to that purchase, you’re entering into the transaction in good faith and expect the manufacturer of the product to do the same. If you or someone you care about is, instead, harmed by the product in question, it can be especially difficult. While you may not know where to turn to for the help you need, the fact is that you need not look any further than an experienced Boynton Beach products liability attorney.

Products Liability Claims

Bringing a products liability claim may feel very foreign, but it can help to know that they are far from uncommon. When a company sells consumer goods that actually lead to harm, they should be held accountable, and products liability claims are the mechanism for making this happen. While nearly any kind of product can lead to a products liability claim, the following types are some of the most common:

  • Car defects, such as inferior crashworthiness, inadequate restraints, increased rollover risk, and much more
  • Defective tires that are more prone to blowouts or achieve inadequate traction with the road
  • Defective consumer goods that can range from prescription medications to appliances, clothing, products geared toward children (which are obviously especially egregious), and much more.

Liability for Your Losses

In the State of Florida, the manufacturer of the product, the distributor of the product, and the seller of the product can all be held accountable for a dangerously defective product (depending upon the circumstances involved). In order to prevail in your products liability case, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that the following essential elements apply:

  • You Suffered a Loss – You must have suffered actual physical harm and/or a financial loss as a result of using the product in question.
  • The Product was Defective – The product itself must have either have been defective in its design, have suffered a manufacturing defect, or have lacked adequate warning when the manufacturer knew or reasonably should have known of the product’s inherent risk.
  • There Was Proximate Cause – The product’s defect must have been the immediate cause of the damages you suffered (this is commonly called proximate cause).
  • You Used as Intended – You must have used the product in question in the manner that it was intended to be used – as spelled out in the included instructions. Barring this, you must have used it in a manner that the manufacturer could reasonably expect it to be used.

Manufacturers are obviously motivated to move their products, but they are also responsible for doing so within parameters that support consumer safety.

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