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Boynton Beach Uber Accidents Attorneys

As an alternative to riding public transportation, more and more Floridians are using their mobile phones to book an Uber ride. Because Uber vehicles are not commercial vehicles but are privately owned, and therefore, maintained by the drivers, this enables Uber to offer private rides at discounted rates.

But the downside to the discounted rates and privacy is that Uber passengers and other motorists that may get into an accident with an Uber driver may not be protected if they get injured in an accident. The skilled Boynton Beach Uber accident attorneys of Demand The Limits can help you understand all your legal options and rights if you get into an accident involving a negligent Uber driver.

Getting Compensation for a Boynton Beach Uber Accident

A lot of people are naturally concerned about what happens when they suffer injuries in a Boynton Beach Uber accident. Will the driver be accountable for their actions or in an accident, or will Uber share the liability even when the driver isn’t an employee, and Uber doesn’t own the vehicle?

To better understand if a passenger or another motorist will be covered under Uber’s insurance coverage, you should know that Uber’s policy depends on what exactly the driver was doing when the accident occurred:

The auto insurance coverage that Uber offers does provide some reassurance to passengers and other motorists. On the other hand, it’s been proven time and time again that actually obtaining compensation from Uber’s auto insurance provider is not always easy.

Learn How Our Skilled Boynton Beach Uber Accidents Attorneys Can Help

What you need to keep in mind is that Uber and its insurance providers are businesses, which means that they are, above all else, will prioritize making money instead of giving away money. Because of this, they will do all that they can possibly can to fight all claims that are asking them for financial compensation. Additionally, because they are massive companies with all the resources and legal teams at their disposal, they are used to getting their way.

When you work with our top Boynton Beach Uber accidents attorneys, however, we can make sure that you recover the compensation you deserve for all your Uber accident-related losses, such as your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and others. Reach out to the Demand The Limits Personal Injury Attorneys and set up a free case review by calling 561-853-2137 or sending us an online message.