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Boca Raton Trucking Accident Lawyers

Involved in a trucking accident involving a semi, tractor-trailer, heavy load, bus, or other large commercial vehicle in the Boca Raton area? Here’s what you need to know.

Accidents involving trucks are different from other types of vehicular incidents. For one, the results of a collision between you and a truck can be serious or fatal.

The size and volume of large trucks and semis make them no match for other vehicles on the road. Even a seemingly minor collision can prove devastating for surrounding automobiles, even if the truck seems unscathed.

Second, when assessing damages and filing reports with your insurance company, there are several additional issues that need to be taken into consideration. For example, negligence on the part of the driver, the driver’s company, or the vehicle manufacturer could have been to blame for the accident. You won’t know until you call an attorney who is experienced in trucking accidents.

Third, when you are involved in a trucking accident in Boca Raton, most likely you are up against a corporation with its own legal team and insurance adjusters who may try and intimidate you.

Trucking accidents can lead to tremendous repercussions, from whiplash and other bodily injuries that can last the rest of your life to psychological trauma, or even loss of life.

You could be a pedestrian or a cyclist involved in a trucking accident in Boca Raton. If you were lucky enough to live, you undoubtedly suffer from numerous injuries—some of which may not be evident until a week or two after the accident.

Nothing to Lose

Consulting with our attorneys at Demand the Limits costs you nothing, but is the first step towards self-empowerment and getting your life back on track after the accident. Typically, trucking accidents result in medical bills, lost wages, and costs associated with auto body repair that your insurance might refuse to cover.

Wrongful death is of course the worst case scenario, and a situation that always calls for legal consultation.

If you happen to be the driver in a trucking accident and your company is not standing by you, you will also need an attorney to help you understand what your rights are and how to exercise them. Despite what your company insurance tells you, you may be eligible for damages even if you are found at fault in the accident. Take control of the situation and call our trucking accident lawyers in Boca Raton now.

Your insurance company will try to pay out as little as possible, if anything at all. The other parties involved in the accident are also counting on your being intimidated or in shock enough to refrain from taking any legal action, even when they know they are in the wrong.

Trucking accidents can result in extensive damages to you, your family, and even the environment. Consider all the hazardous waste and toxic materials trucks are carrying on Florida roads these days. A collision can compromise the integrity of the truck’s contents, leading to costly and possibly dangerous chemical spills. The company carrying the goods already has robust insurance because it is their business; but do you?

The Negligence Question

One of the first things our attorneys will help you with is determining whether or not the parties involved in the accident can be sued for negligence. Experienced trucking accident attorneys in Boca Raton will leave no stone unturned, and will thoroughly examine the scene of the accident including all the facts of the case such as the weather conditions, the police report, whether the driver had been tested for alcohol or drug intoxication, and how often the company performs maintenance on their vehicles.

With access to an abundance of information that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain, an attorney then assesses whether the accident was directly due to negligence. Questions you might want to ask include:

  • Was the driver distracted or intoxicated at the time of the accident?
  • Did the driver commit any traffic violations?
  • If there were any other parties involved in the collision, was reckless driving an issue?
  • Does this driver have a clean record?
  • How often or how well does the employer issue drug tests, or evaluate the employee’s driving?
  • Were there any witnesses?
  • Was the driver carrying an illegal load, either over the weight regulations or unlicensed to transport hazardous materials?
  • Were the conditions of the road to blame?
  • When was the last time the truck involved in the accident received maintenance?

Wrongful Death or Spinal Cord Injuries

In worst-case scenarios, a trucking accident may result in a spinal cord injury, some other life changing condition, or death.

When this happens, you surely need an attorney who can evaluate the situation and determine whether the case is one of vehicular homicide or wrongful death. A wrongful death case will be a civil case in which you and other members of the deceased’s family are entitled to damages to cover everything from medical bills and funeral costs to emotional damages.

Even if the police report ruled you at fault in an accident, you still need to consult with an attorney to find out what your rights are and what damages you may be entitled to.

In many cases, trucking accidents do involve negligence that was not apparent to the police investigating the accident on site. Don’t be a victim—take control of the situation by placing yourself on the side of justice.

A spinal cord injury changes your whole life. Severe injuries like these can tear families apart and break down marriages. They can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, to psychological distress resulting in substance abuse, and almost always result in loss of livelihood. In some cases, the trauma of the event can even result in a suicide.

You do not need an attorney to tell you how serious a trucking accident can be. The medical costs associated with trucking accidents can last a lifetime, putting inordinate strain on you and the rest of your family.

Best Case Scenario

Let’s say you were involved in a multi-vehicle collision in which several other parties were involved, including a truck. Or let’s say you and a large truck were involved in a low-speed fender bender.

In situations like these, you would routinely file a quick report with the insurance company to cover any damages to your vehicle.

Many people in Boca Raton are tempted to go that route, taking the easy way out to avoid undue stress but end up regretting it later. Why?

For one, you could have suffered some physical trauma that is not yet manifesting as pain in the body. It is surprisingly common for accident-related physical trauma and pain to surface long after the precipitating event. If you don’t believe us, call a doctor.

In fact, if you do not see a doctor right away after the accident, then you could lose out on the right to sue later for damages that would help you cover the cost of physical therapy or medication.

Similarly, you might not have noticed the damages to your vehicle immediately after the accident. If you hastily file a report in order to get the whole situation over with, you could end up saddled with repairs that the insurance company will not cover.

Think About It

You have nothing to lose by calling the truck accident lawyers at Demand the Limits in Boca now, because our consultations are always free.

Calling gives you a sense of peace, closure, and empowerment. At the very least you will learn about how you can protect yourself and your family should a situation like this arise again in the future.